White Sinks are [Im]possible to Keep Clean

White Sinks are [Im]possible to Keep Clean

  We have a white kitchen sink.  I’m really not sure who in their right mind would think that would be a good idea.  Although, the area we live in is notorious for extremely hard water, so stainless steel may be just as painful to keep looking squeaky clean.

There are a few products I have found to remove stains from our white sink that always seems to mock me.

  • Mrs. Myer’s Clean Day Kitchen Scrub or Comet scrub
  • Soft Scrub
  • Fixodet denture cleaning tabs

Below is the process I use to clean and remove stains from our sink.

  1. Give the sink a good scrub using any scrubbing cleaner of choice.  I like Mrs. Myer’s Clean Day products, but I sometimes use Comet if I want the power of bleach.
  2. After using a scrub and a sponge and rinsing the sink thoroughly, I pour Soft Scrub over stained areas and let it sit for several hours.  Once the Soft Scrub has dried, I scrub the area and rinse thoroughly.
  3. Before heading to bed, add one to two Fixodent denture cleaning tabs to the sink, plug the drain, and run hot water.  Let the sink soak overnight.  Drain the water and rinse thoroughly in the morning.
  4. Voila!  Clean sink.

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