Free Books!

Free Books!

Did you know that your child can receive free books in the mail every monthimage? By registering your child with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, your child may receive a free book every month until their fifth birthday.  If your city doesn’t have an ambassador, you can become one so all children in your area may receive books.

My son loves seeing his books come in the mail addressed to him every month and we enjoy reading each one together even more.  The books are very high quality hardback books.  We’ve even received a few of my favorites as a child-The Little Engine That Could and Corduroy.

Happy reading!


3 thoughts on “Free Books!

    1. You’re welcome! My son loves seeing his books come in the mail every month. They’re very well made and I know he’ll get a lot of use out of them for years to come. She really is doing good-it’s a wonderful organization and I know many kids are benefiting from her generosity.


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