Up Canvas Craft

Up Canvas Craft

  I felt pretty crafty a few weeks ago and needed something that didn’t take much time (hey, I’m a mom… all I have time for is something that “doesn’t take a lot of time”).  I came across this cute little project on Pinterest and decided it was something I could tackle in stages, so if I was tied up and couldn’t get back to it in a while I could still complete it later.  I was pretty pleased by the way it turned out!

I made a few modifications to the ones I found on Pinterest, so I was happy to put my own twist on the cute examples I found.

What You’ll Need:

  • canvas, board, or card stock
  • buttons
  • glue gun
  • paint or paint markers
  • black Sharpie

You’ll use the canvas, board or card stock as the background for your Up house and balloons.  I glued the buttons for balloons on first, so I could get a sense of how big I should make the house.  After gluing all of the buttons on, I drew the Up house with a pencil.  Next, I painted the house.  After the paint dried, I added a black Sharpie outline to the house and drew strings for the button balloons.  Voila!  An Up house.*

*Adorable baby dressed as Carl not included.


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