New Skincare Faves

New Skincare Faves

So, you know how your skincare regimen works for a hot second and you think, “Wow!  I finally have this skincare thing under control…”, then, BOOM: you breakout worse than you ever did in your teens.  Well, here are my new revised suggestions… until they stop working.

African Black Soap


african black soapIt’s as simple as its name: a bar of soap that happens to be a lovely shade of… well, black.  It’s simple: wash your face with it twice a day.  Yes.  You heard me-wash your face.  Simple, right?  This stuff is so great at removing dirt and oil that I use it for my makeup brushes and even the dreaded cleansing of the beauty blender.  GUYS-it cleans the beauty blender.  No need to say anything more.  Oh, one more thing-it’s CHEAP!

Shea Moisture also makes a great scrub for acne prone skin.  I use this twice a week (sometimes more in the winter) to remove dead skin and keep my skin feeling soft.

Moisturizer with Collagen

collagen moisturizer

St. Ives makes a great moisturizer containing both Collagen and Elastin.  I’m hesitant to admit that I need it, but… it definitely does the job when it comes to fine lines and *gulp* wrinkles.  It’s very affordable and a little bit goes a long way.



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