What a Difference a Day Makes Craft

What a Difference a Day Makes Craft

IMG_4034I always see pins on Pinterest about the “What a Difference a Day Makes” DIY.  After much delay, I actually attempted my own version.  I figured there HAD to be a template somewhere, right?  I mean, as much as I see this darn thing repinned someone had to post their template, but alas… no template was found.  I did however find a template for a Microsoft Project, um… project (yeah, that sounds odd to me as well…), but the normal, average, person doesn’t have Project (or maybe that’s just me).  I took matters into my own hands and decided I would make my own template in PowerPoint.  After about 15 minutes (yeah, a miracle happened… FIFTEEN MINUTES), I was able to make a template I was pretty proud of.

I’ll describe my process in a few steps:

  • Create a new, blank PowerPoint slide (without text boxes)
  • Change the size of the PowerPoint document to 8×10
    • Go to Design Tab and click on the “Slide Size” drop-down menu in the “Customize” section.  Choose “Custom Slide Size…”
    • Change size to 8″ width and 10″ height.  When you choose this size and apply it will ask if you’d like to maximize or scale the document (this is if you’re operating in Windows 10 with a newer version of Office).  Choose to maximize the document.
  • Create new text boxes that will serve as the field for the dates, names, and “What a difference a day makes” saying at the bottom.  I played with text box sizes for the date until I was happy with the amount of space the text box occupied and lined them all up in the center of the document.  I did the same with the names underneath the date.

PPT Template

  •  After the template was set, I chose fonts and font sizes that worked well together.

What a difference a day makes

  • Print it!
  • Frame it!
  • Voila… meaningful decorating on the cheap!

WADADM Large View


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