Mama’s Back with New Favorites to Love

Mama’s Back with New Favorites to Love

Well, nearly a year has passed since my last entry on this little blog of mine and man has our little family become busier than ever!  A new member joined our house of crazy in January which added even more fun and chaos than before.  Tiny man is attempting to roll his way through the house, is as vocal and as happy as can be, and is the easiest and most relaxed baby I’ve ever seen.  Big brother finished his first year of preschool, his second season of soccer, is starting his first season of tee-ball (if you’ve never witnessed 3- and 4-year-olds attempt to play tee-ball for the first time you need to make it a point to watch it sometime… you’ll laugh until you pee your pants), and is now mastering riding a “big boy bike” WITHOUT training wheels-look out, world!

With all of the crazy changes in our lives I’ve picked up a few new products, recipes, and general life “stuff” to share. So keep an eye out… good stuff is coming soon!


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