Poshmark: Am I Doing This Right?

Poshmark: Am I Doing This Right?

Last month I joined the Poshmark world.  Never thought that would be a sentence I would write.  I was always intrigued by the idea of Poshmark, not because I want to purchase things, but because I now have a plethora of clothing that will never, ever fit me again.  That and I have 562.5 pairs of maternity jeans that have a lot of life left in them and I would love for someone to be able to use them.

My sister-in-law sent me a text saying she was starting a Poshmark boutique (check her clothes out… they’re adorable!) in addition to her “closet”.  Huh?  English, please… I just want to sell things I can no longer fit in.  Translation?  You can have a “closet” to sell your used clothing or you can purchase clothing through Poshmark wholesale and create a “boutique”.  Pretty awesome, right?


As I’m navigating Poshmark for the first time, here are a few things I’ve learned along the way (most thanks to my awesome sister-in-law veteran Poshmarker):

  • It’s super easy to list your clothing.  Take a picture in the app, list the details, such as size, brand, the item’s original price, and a description of the item.  Here are a few tips for listing:
    • Take clear photos of the item.  Add several pictures to show important details of the garment.  Are there any flaws or worn spots?  Take pictures of those so buyers are aware if there are any issues.  You don’t want unhappy customers!
    • Give a very detailed description so buyers know exactly what they’re getting.  Add details like color of item, condition, and any added details that may not be clear by the images you add.
    • Pairing items with accessories or shoes gives items a little more character and may give buyers a better idea of how great your item may look as an outfit.
    • Brand name items sell much more quickly than non-name brand items.
    • Does your item still have tags?  Even better!  There is a “New with Tags” category.  In addition to the category, make sure you add “NWT” to the beginning of the item name.  People will see this when you list the item.  If you have a new item with no tags, you can similarly list the item as “NWOT”, or “New Without Tags”.
  • How much do you get paid when you sell an item?  Pretty simple-Poshmark takes a cut of what you get paid (around $2.95 per item from what I can tell) and you can see exactly what you’ll be receiving when you set the price of an item.  It will display the price you are asking for the item in addition to what you will be paid for the item when sold.
  • How do you get more views and get your clothes out there easier?  Share, share share.  It also helps to follow A LOT of people.  I actually had to turn off my “follow” notifications the day I created my account because so many people follow each other to get more views.  It also helps if you share items that you see that you like.  If you share an item, that seller is likely to share an item of yours, which helps get your item more views.
  • Join parties relevant to your items.  Is there a dress party going on?  Join the party, then go to your closet and share every item that is relevant to that party.  People in the dress party will see all of your items and you will receive more views.
  • You can offer bundles.  Have a lot of accessories you’re willing to part with for cheap?  Bundle them by offering 5 bracelets for $20.  People see this as a deal, cheaper shipping because they all ship together, and you can sell more items this way.
  • Share your items frequently.  This way your items are seen by more people and the more people that view your item, the more likely your item is to sell.
  • You can connect your Poshmark to your Pinterest.  People may see your items on Pinterest and may be taken directly to your Poshmark closet to purchase items.  Pretty cool, huh?

I’ve noticed that after having successfully sold a few pieces with positive feedback, I receive more offers.  In the beginning it seems you just take offers you can get, even if that means you’re not making much on each item.  Building a good rapport goes a long way and will allow potential buyers to see they will receive quality items that ship quickly.

I’m still learning the ropes in this Poshmark world, but hopefully one day I will become a Poshmark expert.  That’s my experience so far-check out my closet while you’re at it for some inspiration 😉


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