Maybe Not a Ritual, But Definitely a Habit

Maybe Not a Ritual, But Definitely a Habit

ritual vitaminWell, I did it.  I bought a multivitamin from a Facebook ad.  I must officially be a… *gulp*… millennial. What are my thoughts on them?  They’re absolutely amazing.  Best decision.  Ever.  Ok, maybe not my best decision ever, but it definitely was a good one.

I’ll be starting my third month of these vitamins tomorrow and I have nothing but good things to say about them.  They’re called Ritual and yes, you’ve seen them plastered all over your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and, in my opinion (whatever that’s worth), they definitely live up to the hype.  Yes, it is a subscription, but when I know I’ll be taking them every day, I know how long a bottle will last (30 days-there are 60 vitamins, 2 per dose), and I know what I will be charged every month ($30-S$1 per dose), I’ll take it for the sheer convenience of it arriving at my door.  To add to the convenience, all of the ingredients in these essentials couldn’t be purchased separately for a cheaper price.  Not to mention you’d be taking nine different pills every day just to get what these babies pack in two little capsules.

ritual ingredients

Bonus?  They’re minty.  Yes!  MINTY.  Pretty awesome.  These vitamins are backed by scientific evidence of the validity of every ingredient and it’s all laid out on Ritual’s website.  I see a lot of reviews that claim that they have given people more energy and I’ll have to agree, I’ve never felt this rested (feel rested… not that I am rested… I’m a mom, you know…) with other multivitamins I’ve taken.  I forgot to take them for about three days in a row and man, was I feeling it.  These vitamins are awesome.  Go. Check. Them. Out.



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