Want a Real Anti-Bullying Campaign? Stop Being a Bully on Social Media, Moms

Want a Real Anti-Bullying Campaign? Stop Being a Bully on Social Media, Moms

thumbs downYes, adults. This is directed at you, social justice warriors.  I’m climbing on my soapbox, so hold on, y’all.  I prefer to keep my blogging lighthearted, fun, sometimes informative (for those who care about clothes, food, and wiping tiny butts all day), and generally a pleasant read, but I’m so over it.

Social media posters hide behind their iPhones and their MacBooks (yes, I’m generalizing, Apple users… don’t be offended… I’m an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro snob, so hang with me here) and scream “Stop bullying!  Protect our children!  Teach them to be kind, accepting, and tolerant!”, then five minutes later post their OPINION, yes OPINION, on what another mother should feed her child and pick a fight with someone who doesn’t agree, use the F-word, then condemn them for feeding them something they would NEVER feed their precious, perfect child.  Key word, sheeple, O-P-I-N-I-O-N.  Moms are the worst.  The absolute worst.  Honey, it’s none of your business what another mother feeds her child.  Is she giving them crack cocaine?  No? Ok, then keep your opinion to yourself because no one cares.

Opinions are great.  Discussions are great.  Let me rephrase that: CIVIL discussions are great.  That’s how we learn.  That’s how we grow.  That’s how we support one another, stimulate intelligent thought, and in general operate as an informed adult.  How in the world does using the F-word toward another mother help her to become a better mom or support her in any way shape or form?  Ooooh-me! Me!  I can answer that one!  IT DOESN’T. So. Don’t. Do. It.

Alright… *dismounts from soap box*.  Keep keepin’ on, awesome mommas.  I see you-you’re doing great.  Feed your child what you want to feed them because, guess what?  They’re YOUR child and YOU know what’s best for them.  Gluten free?  All the carbs? Organic?  Vegan?  Fruit roll up that fell on the floor?  Breast milk?  Formula?  Go on with your bad self, girl!  I salute you-you’re awesome.  Never forget that and never let that bully momma telling you what not to feed your child get in your way of doing your thing.

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