Newborn Shadowbox DIY

Newborn Shadowbox DIY

Every newborn has the adorable little hospital hat, their tiny little footprints, tiny little hospital bracelets, and the ever popular hospital newborn photos.  I always want to save every memory, but feel horrible shoving them in a box never to be seen.  Well, of course Pinterest had a solution for that.  I saw several versions of newborn shadowboxes, but most of them looked fairly large, bulky, and contained A LOT of newborn memories.  I wanted something to simply hold a tiny newborn hat (my boys both had two for some reason…), their hospital bracelets, and their little footprints.  One thing I noticed that I loved was some posts on Pinterest contained little framed newborn photos.  So cute!  I attempted my own, so here they are!

I used 8″x8″ shadowboxes, scrapbook paper for a background, 2″x2″ frames for the tiny newborn photos, and tiny clothespins to hold their hats and hospital bracelets.  It took me no longer than 5 minutes to make each of them, but now we get to enjoy their hospital keepsakes.


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