Pinterest Wall

Pinterest Wall


After scrolling through Pinterest one afternoon, I came across a hallway wall with shelves for photo frames.  The wall was painted a taupe color and a large vase sat in the corner.  As I looked at this pin I thought “Hey!  I have that vase.  I have a ton of photos hanging on my plain hallway wall that looks rather empty.  I could do that!”.  Famous last words… “I could do that!”.

Well, I did do that.  Or… I gathered the things to “do that” and had the hubby paint the wall and hang the shelves for me.

I removed all of my photos from my boring, plain black frames and got more interesting frames (thanks, Hobby Lobby!) for each photo.  I took a round empty coke bottle, swirled some green paint on the inside to give it some color, added a few flowers, and voila!


I have to say, I’m very pleased with how it turned out.  Memories are displayed in a creative way that fills the space without just hanging photos on a blank wall.  Thanks, Pinterest!


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