Caraway who? You’ll LOVE this Caraway dupe that’s a fraction of the price!

Caraway who? You’ll LOVE this Caraway dupe that’s a fraction of the price!

Gorgeous Caraway ceramic cookware set, isn’t it? Or IS it???? Nope! Member’s Mark, people. No, I’m not kidding. You can pick this set up from *drumroll*… SAM’S CLUB! Yes, really.

Let’s compare, shall we? I have a fantastic cookware set my mom bought me for a wedding shower gift that I love. The only problem is it won’t die. No, seriously. This set is fantastic, but I see Caraway everywhere I look. It is absolutely gorgeous and I get skillet envy every time I see the modern ceramic sets. Well, of course I do what any good Instagram user does and click the ads. Boy, was that a mistake!

Caraway Cookware Set

$395 ON SALE for 2 pots and 2 skillets. In a color I don’t want. The color I do want? $595 on sale also for 2 pots and 2 skillets. Ok, the dream bubble has burst. Back to my tried and true Circulon that just won’t quit. Or maybe not…

Member’s Mark Ceramic Cookware Set

As I’m scrolling I see a set on Google, but wait… it’s $159 and there are WAY more pieces in this set. What is it? Member’s Mark. Member’s Mark? Like Sam’s Club? Yes. Sam’s Club. You guys, I had to do a double take to make sure this wasn’t the same set! This set comes with 2 skillets, 1 deep skillet with a lid, 3 pots with lids, and one calendar. That’s 11 pieces. ELEVEN. For $160. Here, I’ll do the math for you: that is 17% of the cost of Caraway. For that price I can use this set every day and not worry about what happens to it!

The Member’s Mark set is GORGEOUS and in a side by side comparison I can’t tell the difference! I can’t wait to test it out. It was beautiful right out of the box.

I’ll keep you posted on how well it wears, but out of the box I am completely sold on this beautiful set. If you’re not a huge fan of black they have other modern colors to choose from: pink, lavender, green, red, coral, gray, and navy. Run to your nearest Sam’s Club or choose to have it shipped, but hurry… I don’t think these sets will last long!