Misfits Market: A Review & Coupon Code!

Misfits Market: A Review & Coupon Code!

I buy the same produce over, and over, and… over.  I never really try anything new and even though I do cook a variety of vegetables (that neither of my children will EVER eat) and I typically buy whatever fruit is on sale because if I get what looks good I end up with the entire produce department in my cart, which ends up rotting on our countertop.  Scrolling through Facebook (stop judging… you know that’s all there is to do right now!) I noticed a friend’s post about her Misfits Market box.  Hmmm… that’s an idea!  The picture she posted had a wide variety of produce with a few pieces of each item.  That’s PERFECT.  I surely wouldn’t pick most of these things in the produce section and let’s be honest… when am I actually in a store lately?  Um, never.

She posted her coupon code for referrals (25% your first order-woohoo! Use coupon code COOKWME-UD0VIL), so I checked out their website.  It was easy enough to set up and just as easy to cancel or change your delivery schedule.  They offer a smaller box for $22 or a larger box for $35.

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I opted for the smaller box delivered every other week to see how it goes before going crazy with the larger box.

My first box arrived and I was like a kid receiving a Christmas gift on the doorstep.  Since we’ve all been quarantined until the end of time, small things excite me, ok?  I loved the surprise element of the box and that I could make something different for a change!

The produce was in an insulated box with a reusable ice pack (bonus!).  Most of the produce was in pretty good shape except for an orange that was pretty worse for wear and had to be thrown out.


I’ve never really used radishes for much, but a great suggestion sheet was included in the package for buttered bread with sliced radish and sea salt.  The mango and pears were not yet ripe, but were probably the best mango and pear I’ve ever eaten!  The cucumber was great, but the celery was a little banged up and unfortunately didn’t last all that long in the refrigerator.  I was able to use the base of the celery to propagate it in water, so we’ll call it a win. The potatoes and onions are still hanging in there, but I haven’t used them yet.  Unfortunately the squash and zucchini only lasted a few days and had to be thrown away.  I haven’t cooked the delicata squash yet, but I have found a few recipes that sound pretty good, so I’ll be making that next.  I did find an awesome recipe for roasted rutabaga, which I’ve never even thought about buying before.  The recipe is definitely worth a try!

The second box I received seemed to be a little less banged up as all of the produce survived.  This box was left on the porch right-side-up, unlike the first box that was left upside down.

This box included a larger stalk of celery (that was in great shape this time and should last much longer than the last stalk), a head of broccoli, 3 oranges, 3 apples, a medium-sized yellow squash, a medium-sized zucchini, curly leaf parsley (which smelled AMAZING), 3 small jalapeno peppers, 3 salad cucumbers, an onion, two small sweet potatoes, and a small butternut squash.

This produce seemed to be in much better shape than the first box, but again, the first box was sitting on our front porch upside-down, so there’s that.  After your first box you’re able to customize your box a little more or add items (for additional fees) to your next box.  I chose not to since I just wanted to see what would come in boxes to be able to make new and different recipes.  Hopefully more recipes will be coming your way thanks to these boxes!

I definitely think these boxes are worth it.  They have saved me a visit to the store just for produce and have allowed me to try new recipes.  If the next few boxes are as good as the first two I’ll be changing my subscription to the larger box.  I don’t think you’ll regret checking out Misfits Market!

COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 14

COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 14

A new day, a new recipe!  Typical Friday of painting rocks with the tiny people, lots and LOTS of laundry, a lot of work while the tiniest napped, and the daily making of the dinner.

Oh!  I did decide to order a box from Misfits Market, but it’s now delayed 😦  Rona, you are a fun sucker!  BUT, if you’re interested and want to try it out they provide us with a code for 25% off (COOKWME-UD0VIL), so I can at least share that with you!  If you’ve never heard of Misfits Market, I’ll fill you in.  They send you an assortment of “imperfect” produce in a smaller or larger box (your choice!) weekly, biweekly, or any timeframe you choose.  You can cancel at any time or even skip deliveries if you don’t happen to need it on a scheduled delivery.  You can choose your day of delivery and can change your subscription at any time.  I’ll let you know how it goes when I get my first order!

I also finally broke down and ordered new outdoor furniture after realizing ours was so bad I didn’t even want to sit on it yesterday.  well, it was $250 and I bought it when we moved into our house, so I’d say over 8 years of use is pretty good for $250!

On to the most important part of the day… dinner!  Tonight’s dinner was Tomato Basil Meatloaf.  This is a great recipe that I usually prepare in large batches, freeze it, then pull it out to thaw if I know we have a busy week ahead of us.  I typically make 3 loafs since the recipe uses ground pork and ground beef.  I’ve found that most of our local grocery stores only carry ground pork in 1 1/2 lb packages, which stinks when your recipe only calls for 1 lb.  So, I buy the 3 lb lean ground beef and 2 packages of the 1 1/2 lbs of ground pork to maximize the ingredients.  I make the three batches at once, wrap each loaf in saran wrap, then a layer of Reynold’s Wrap foil, then put it in a sealed freezer back and add the baking instructions in Sharpie.

Keep hanging in there, everyone!  We’ll get through this… eventually!