Save the Trees… and Get Crafty!

Save the Trees… and Get Crafty!

When I was a kid, maybe Kindergarten or First Grade, I brought home a tiny little pine tree and planted it in my backyard.  That little tree lived until a few years ago and had to be cut down.  My parents left the stump because my mom couldn’t bear to see it go, so she made it an adorable little garden.


My dad saved a few branches for me, so I decided I had to do something with them.  One branch almost looked like a coat rack all on its own, so that’s what I rolled with.  Thanks to Amazon, I found cast iron owl hooks that went with the branch perfectly.  I screwed the owls onto the branch, drilled two wholes in the branch, then screwed the branch to the wall.  Perfect coat rack!



A few weeks after making the coat rack my oldest son came home with a few tiny pine cones in hand and said “Mommy, these are so you remember your tree”.  I’m not crying, you’re crying.  Seriously.  So, of course I hung those babies up next to the coat rack (yes… that is our fingerprint family below the pine cones… minus the tiny one).


Hope this inspired all of you to get a little creative with your memories!