Diapers-the Bottom Line

Diapers-the Bottom Line

  Ahhhh, diapers, wipes, and diaper rash creams.  There are so many brands, so many fits, so many absorbancies, and sooooo much money.  If you’re looking for great diaper deals, check out my Target deals in my Diaper Deal post.  Here’s a little breakdown of what we’ve tried, what worked, what didn’t, and what was most cost effective:


Huggies have by far been the best we’ve tried. We used Little Snugglers and Snug and Dry when our son was a newborn and Little Movers as he began to crawl and walk.  We original had a lot of leaks from any diaper we tried. Unbeknown to me, his diapers were a little too small.  They gapped in the top when he would sleep causing them to leak.  No diaper stopped this from happening, but the least leaks occurred with Huggies.

Warning on the wipes: DO NOT use Huggies Natural Care wipes.  They gave our son the most horrible diaper rash I have ever seen.  I thought maybe we were alone on this one and it was a fluke, but our nephew had the same problem-horrible, open rash as a newborn after using only a few of the Huggies Natural Care wipes.  We normally use Huggies Simply Clean and they have been our favorite so far-no rashes from these wipes and they seem to take the least amount of wipes to really get him clean.

As for cost, there are usually a lot of promotions for Huggies, so the cost can be comparable to cheaper brands.


We have tried Swaddlers, Baby Dry, and Cruisers and all have been pretty good overall.  The fit of all Pampers seem to be a little larger than Huggies, so if our son seemed to be a little too big for his Huggies sizes, we used the same size in Pampers and this seemed to solve the problem.

We’re really only used Pampers Sensitive wipes and they’ve been pretty good-I prefer Huggies Simply Clean over Huggies because they’re thicker and seem to stay moist longer, but overall Pampers passes the test.

Pampers also usually have promotions and coupons, so the price of Huggies and Pampers are usually fairly comparable.


I DO NOT love Luvs.  At all.  They gave our son a horrible, horrible rash and we had to give away the rest to someone we knew who already used them.

Babies R’ Us

Same as Luvs-horrible, horrible rash and had to give them away.  I wanted to like them-we received a free pack as a promotion and their prints are adorable, but no luck.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

Winner, winner chicken dinner-FINALLY a diaper rash cream that works.  This one has it all… it prevents, it protects, and it heals diaper rash that is already under way.  It healed the worst rash my son ever had-I mean broken open, painful, reoccurring rash.  It healed the rash and kept it from coming back.  We used the maximum strength for the horrible rash, but we’ve had great luck with the original as well.  It’s well worth the price!

A+D Ointment

This ointment is also great-it also helped heal a pretty bad rash our son had.  Although it didn’t heal the rash as quickly as Butt Paste, it did the job when others failed.  We like the original ointment in the brown and yellow packaging.  As it says, it’s an ointment rather than a cream and does a great job at healing.


Desitin is a great everyday, affordable diaper cream option.  We use it every day to prevent any rashes from creeping up on us.  It doesn’t really heal the horrible rashes, but it helps ward off any future rashes.



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