Gotta Start Somewhere…

Gotta Start Somewhere…

I think. I think a lot. I think too much… or is that possible? I figure those thoughts have to go somewhere and if they can help someone else in the process, why not post them? I find myself discussing parenting, work, food, and life in general with friends and coworkers. Things get crazy, things get hectic, so this is a space for all of those thoughts.

I’ll begin with the title of this blog… Engineered Mama. I am a Biomedical Engineer. I’m a mom. The two are VASTLY different, but they’re both me. I like to think I’m fairly eclectic. No, not my fashion sense or choice of music, although I’m sure you could consider those eclectic as well. My life is eclectic. I love art, music, clothes (man, do I love clothes…), but I also have an analytical, logical, and serious side. At times I feel engineered. Hence, the title. I love great deals, I love finding products and methods that making cleaning a little easier, and I love discussing parenting. Hope you enjoy!


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