Make Money Spending Money

Make Money Spending Money

Think rebate apps are too good to be true?  I did, too… until I found these apps!


This app is fairly simple to use.  First, a category is chosen such as Grocery, Apparel, or seasonal.  Next, a store is chosen.  Most stores are available on this app and there are even online deals available quite frequently.

Once a category and store is chosen, available rebates are listed.  When a rebate is selected it must be unlocked by viewing a video (most are around 30 seconds in length), taking a poll, viewing a recipe, or reading a fact about the product.  Once rebates are unlocked and items have been purchased, each item is scanned that contains a rebate.  Once all items are scanned, submit a photo of the receipt.  When the rebates have been approved you will receive a notification.

Most products eligible for rebates in this app are brand specific, but there are some that are redeemable for any brand.  In the past, there are have been many “any brand” rebates at a time, but more recently “any brand” rebates have been fairly limited.

Once $25 in rebates have been accrued a refund may be requested by selecting a gift card to be redeemed (yes… Starbucks is an option!) or it may be deposited into a PayPal account.

This is probably my favorite rebate app to date.  This app has “Cash Dash” rewards.  Upon opening the app there is a list of retailers or general rewards.  When a Cash Dash is selected, an image of a receipt may be uploaded for rewards such as a percentage or dollar amount rebate for what was spent.

Once $25 in rebates has been reached a deposit will be made to a registered PayPal account.  I have already made $75 in the past few months from this app.

Checkout 51
This app is very similar to Ibotta.  There is usually a weekly “Pick an offer” rebate that contains commonly purchased fruits and vegetables.  Rebates normally include branded products such as Kraft String Cheese, Minute Ricce, and Venus Razors and refills.  This app also requires a photo submission of receipts for rebates

Once $20 in rebates has been reached a depposit will be made to a registered PayPal account.

This app is a little more generic than the previously mentioned apps.  All rebates must be selected prior to any shopping trips submitted.  Normally there are rebates such as bacon, orange juice, and onion.  A photo or a receipt is submitted for approval of rebates.

Rebates are deposited into a registered PayPal account and there is no minimum for deposits being made.

This app has many rebates that can be achieved over time.  For example, purchase $12 in Dole frozen fruit before the offer expires and receive $4 in rebates.  A photo submission of a receipt is also required for this app.

Rebates may be redeemed after accruing $5 in rebates.

I have yet to actually find a rebate I can use in this app.  Many of the options are “health food” options, which is great, but none of the offers seem to be any products I purchase.

This app started off strong, but slowly declined.  There originally were rebates such as Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice and “any beverage” rebates.  However, now the products listed never seem to be anything I purchase.

I wanted to like this app, but there were too many things that had to be done to earn “points”.  To earn points I had to scan an item in a store, take a picture of an item in a store, or purchase an item.  It was too much hassle for too little reward.

App Summaries

All in all, my favorite is Find&Save.  It’s quick, easy, and has the most reward for very, very little effort.  Ibotta was initially my favorite, but the rebate options is slowly dwindling and the redeem amount has now increased from $20 to $25, so it takes longer to earn rewards.  MobiSave is a fairly new app for me, but I like it so far.  The only downside to this app is that all rewards must be selected prior to every shopping trip.  There you have it-go forth and shop!


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