Fuller House, Season 1: Check!

Fuller House, Season 1: Check!

Fuller HouseWell, that went quickly!  After all of the anticipation surrounding Fuller House, it seemed to go by much too quickly.  As a child who grew up watching Full House every Friday night on TGIF (I was exactly the same age as Michelle), the only thing I’ve been looking forward to as much as the premier of Fuller House on Netflix is the premier of the four part Gilmore Girls comeback.

The show brought back all of the quirkiness of Kimmy Gibbler, the wild child, Stephanie Tanner (now “DJ” Tanner… yeah, that was weird), uncle Jesse and his awesome hair, and even the innocence of the ever hungry past boyfriend of DJ, Steve.  Although the show had the same feeling of Full House with its corny jokes and family centered plot lines, something has changed.  The girls have grown up-and I’m not sure in a good way.

The original show was squeaky clean and except for a few occasional expletives from the “have mercy” daredevil days of uncle Jesse, plot lines centered around family, always doing what’s right, and squeaky clean family fun.  While Fuller House is definitely mild compared to today’s sitcoms, it’s by no means squeaky clean.  I’ve searched the web looking for responses from fellow bloggers, friends on Facebook, and I hold back my thoughts on the series until I hear what friends have to say first to see if I’m the only one who sees the show this way.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the first season-I definitely did.  It was a walk down memory lane, but the drinking, clubbing, and “I can’t decide between the guy I dated for years in high school and the new guy I just met even though my husband just passed away” was a little much.  I know, I know, everyone is saying “the girls are grown now”, which is true.  But are they really true to character?  I would say yes… for the most part.  Everyone except for DJ.  Wait… that’s definitely not right.  The show is all about her… I mean, come on… It’s called “Fuller” House for a reason.  Not because it’s now “fuller” (come on, people, “fuller” isn’t a word), but because it’s DJ’s married name.  It’s now her house, her family, and her life the show is centered around.

Tell me something, Full House fans-would DJ Tanner go to a club, get drunk on tequila while her three children (including a very young infant) are at home, and have a dance-off with Maks and Val from Dancing with the Stars?  I highly doubt it.  Even though she is all grown up, has three kids of her own, and is starting to find her place as a single mom, DJ is the one that would be telling Kimmy and Stephanie to be responsible for their actions, not following them like a lost puppy.

I do enjoy seeing the girls put their talents to work on the show-dancing, singing, and just generally being their quirky selves.  I enjoyed the light-hearted comedy of the first season and am looking forward to the second!


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