COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 3

COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 3

Well, the tiny humans are still alive.  Only major catastrophe has been a water paintbrush was used on a book of real paints… still trying to figure out how the heck he even got this out of the giant, heavy craft bin under the coffee table.  Toddlers, man… they’re little Houdinis!  I haven’t found what else the paint ended up on besides in the book.  Surprises are fun, right? Right…

Here is what I learned on Day 3:

  1. I apparently lack the ability to get myself ready if I don’t set an alarm.  Pajamas are still on, teeth are unbrushed, face is unwashed, and hot mess status has been achieved.  Tomorrow I set an alarm.
  2. I have this home school thing on lock. I mean, I rocked it.  This one was a pleasant surprise.  I have a plan for the rest of the week (and really the next 3 weeks, thanks to suggestions by Liam’s awesome school!), I made sight word flash cards and dry erase math worksheets.  I moved Liam’s Melissa and Doug calendar to the dining room so Liam can keep track of the month, day, year, weather, and any holidays that come along, thanks to Tia (thanks, Aunt Astrid!)!
  3. I put together a modest lunch of any perishable items I thought the tiny people would eat.  Matchstick carrots were thrown on the ground, guys… it got ugly.
  4. I am a horrible, horrendous, heinous mother.  My kids have had “screen time” by 2:30 pm (*gasp*).  Seriously, moms?  Chill the heck out.  If your child is addicted to a screen, fine, do what you need.  If not, let them play games… chances are they’ll learn something or gain a skill you never expected.  I’m sure every child is different and some are more addicted than others, but dang… the mom guilt is real on this one!  It’s not a competition of who is “momming” harder than everyone else.  In the words of Tay Tay… you need to calm down.
  5. I also learned that I am a horrible mother because I do not have a schedule.  A SCHEDULE.  My little people get to have 3 weeks (at least…) out of school and you people are complaining about your schedules being ruined on the first day already.  Really?  *full eye roll*  I’m just over here like “anyone know what stores still have frozen chicken?  I need some…”.  I get it, kids need structure sometimes, but a schedule down to the half hour?  Nope.  Not even going there with a toddler in the house.  Sure… I have a plan so education can continue, but holy cannoli, Batman!  Take a deep breath!
  6. Kids hear EVERYTHING.  The image for this blog entry is of my kids’ kitchen.  Just before taking this picture I found Liam cleaning the entire thing wearing an apron and a chef hat.  I noticed the “closed” sign on his chalkboard and asked why his restaurant was closed.  He said “Corona Virus” as if it was a normal, everyday occurrence for a restaurant.  Bless their hearts.  I think most kids are dealing with this situation better than the adults.  We can learn from their hopeful, matter-of-fact attitude in life.
  7. If we shouldn’t be having mass gatherings, why are we voting tomorrow?  Seriously… think about it.  We’ll be in line less than a foot away from each other when we’ve basically been quarantined to our homes, but we’re supposed to do our civic duties to vote.  Wow.  Just wow.

Hope your days at home were pleasant, peeps!  Have a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow!


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