COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 2

COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 2

Here we are.  Day 2.  Pretty much the same as Day 1.  Today I’m now thinking about how to get items we’ll be needing in case everything goes on lockdown.  I mean, they can’t shut down grocery stores, right?  I’ve been cleaning, which inevitably is undone as soon as I clean it, but hey… we won’t be living in filth.

I’m starting to devise a plan for grocery shopping.  Target seems to be fairly well stocked on most items compared to other grocery stores, so maybe I’ll attempt a lot of pickup items there-boxed items, rice, things like that.  Then, I’ll head to Meijer for meat.  But when do I go?  Morning, night?  Guys… when are the crazies not out?


2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 2

  1. Let me think a minute–people still have to work, so maybe during normal work hours, shopping will be less crazy? Given the state of Walmart yesterday, I’m pretty sure the crazies have come and gone. Also, Kroger gets shipments in every night, but the workers said they have lines of people waiting for toilet paper as soon as they open at 7:00am. Maybe avoid that time of day.


    1. I didn’t have much of a problem when I went the other day around 8:30 am. I’m guessing things will die down after this initial surge and as things become restocked over this week it will be much easier to get everything. I’m glad Kroger and Walmart has decided to close overnight to stock and give their employees a fighting chance to get ahead of the rush.


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