COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 10

COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 10

Well, a typical Monday here with the exception of an extra child in the house (always a good thing!). We made pretend lattes, washed sink loads of dishes, ran around the house like crazy people, did a little school work, and made biscuits and gravy for dinner, which was a new one for me. If I had known biscuits and gravy was that easy I’d weigh 500 lbs by now… I never should have tried it-haha!

As I took the dog out for the last time this evening I couldn’t help but stand there and just listen. I listened to the nothingness and I’ve never heard so much quiet around our house. We’re close to a park and several fairly busy roads and it stopped me in my tracks to just hear it. The nothing. It wasn’t really eerie, which is what I wanted to feel, but it was peaceful. Unfortunately, it didn’t feel as peaceful as it should have because it was forced nothingness. None of us like being told we can’t have our normal lives right now, but I can’t argue that it isn’t peaceful, meaningful, and enjoyable.

Stay healthy everyone.


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