COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 12

COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 12

Another foggy morning, but it turned into a beautiful day!  Hopefully the weather will continue to warm up so we can actually get outside and get fresh air after being cooped up for so long.  The weather is making my allergies go crazy and now is NOT the time for another sinus infection, so be gone crazy weather!

I ventured out to Target today where I was treated like I had the plague (*full eye-roll*).  So, I guess this is the new norm.  Treat literally everyone as if they have the plague… as if this wasn’t surreal enough.  Precautions are necessary, but this is not how any of this works, people.  I was forced to lay my phone down with the barcode on it for them to scan, then step away from the counter.  So, now my phone is covered with literally every germ on that dang countertop.  Fail.  I literally wanted to walk up to the girl shopping haphazardly down every aisle of Target with a scarf around her mouth and shake her.   Violently.  Honey, that scarf isn’t going to do squat to protect you, not to mention it’s NOT COVERING YOUR NOSE (*face palm*).  There are photos of gigantic lines where seniors are lined up literally RIGHT NEXT TO one another to purchase groceries during their senior hour.  That’s not how this works… that’s not how any of this works!  I get it… mass hysteria has ensued due to the media, but if you’re this afraid for you and your family, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE.  People are breathing oxygen around you.  An easily spread virus will catch up with you if you’re out, so stay home.

Life is bleak in heavily populated cities that contain mass transit.  New York City’s statistics are staggering, however most of America doesn’t live their lives this way.  Yes, take things seriously, stay home as much as humanly possible to protect yourself and those you love and to minimize the amount of people who must seek medical attention.

To put your mind at ease a bit, here are a few facts about this virus (directly from the WHO website on 3/24/2020 at 1:47 pm) that the media isn’t sharing (and no, I don’t care if you “disagree”… science is science and facts are facts, so shut it…):

Current World Population: approx. 7.8 billion

Total COVID-19 cases: 375,498

Total COVID-19 fatalities: 16,362

So, this means that about 4.8% of the world’s population has been infected with the virus and only 4.3% of those have died. In other words, only 0.0002% of the population has died from this virus.

How about the seasonal flu?  Approximately 389,000 people die of the flu worldwide (which equates to a staggering 32,000 PER MONTH).  Scary, huh?

Yeah, yeah… I hear all of you out there who refuse to believe these numbers screaming “NOT EVERYONE IS BEING TESTED, IDIOT!”.  Cool it on the name calling, home slice… no, not everyone has been tested and not everyone needs or should be tested.  Showing severe symptoms?  Fine, test and quarantine to slow the spread.  This is what we currently do with the flu.  Why isn’t everyone who shows cold symptoms tested for the flu?  Because it’s expensive an unnecessary.  Cool it.

Stay healthy, take precaution, and protect yourselves, but… how many of you are in danger of being one paycheck away from total ruin?  Most of us.  Why in the world are we allowing a government who has continually told us to NOT WEAR A MASK if we aren’t ill (*cough, cough* DEWINE *cough cough*) and today is saying “Wear masks!  They are currently doing this in China and we all need to wear masks!” and “Healthcare workers WILL DIE!” (can you say mass hysteria and fear mongering???) to plummet us into financial ruin by their scare tactics?  POLITICS.  Simply politics.

Hang in there, peeps.  Hopefully this will be over soon.  Pray for our president as he’s been pigeonholed this entire time.  It’s a darned if he does and darned if he doesn’t situation.  Pray for our politicians who clearly don’t have the people’s best interest in mind, but their own political agendas (like women’s choice to murder their own children and physically impossible CO2 emission guidelines).  Pray for your pastors that they will continue to speak truth about the only thing that truly matters-God and his sovereign word.  Truth about this situation and what is currently going on in our government and in our society.

Take care everyone!  Enjoy the sunshine and take a walk, but if anyone gets closer than 6 ft to you, shove them as hard as humanly possible, because… social distancing…


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