COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 13

COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 13

Lucky number 13… said no one ever. Today was a beautiful day and I was able to do some yard work outside with Liam, but man. Today was kind of rough in every other aspect.

Being stuck at home almost feels claustrophobic in a different sort of way. Yeah, you can try to do all of the things you should do like stick to your regular schedule (hah! Kids… there is schedule with kids…), try to eat well, try to make sure you stay active, try to do the millions of activities they tell you to do with your kids, and the list goes on and on, but today has worn on me.

Working from home is rough. Not because I can’t see people, but because people communicate VERY differently through technology and unfortunately, some don’t communicate at all. This makes everyone’s job that much more challenging and adds a whole other level of uncertainty to this entire situation.

I do love being able to stay home and enjoy the kids, though because it’s their favorite thing to do-stay home and play with mom and dad. This also adds a challenge, though. When mom and dad have to get things down to either pay the bills or make sure the house doesn’t need to be condemned, I feel so much guilt. I would so rather be playing with them.

Hopefully everyone else is having a wonderful day and enjoyed the beautiful weather! Hang in there, everyone… we’re all in the same boat!


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