COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 27

COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 27

There are a lot of things I’ll actually miss about this quarantine.  I’ve been thinking about how strange it will be when the stay-at-home order is lifted.  It’s not like I’ll be racing out anywhere as soon as it’s lifted.  My favorite things have always seemed to be at home for the most part, so it will be an adjustment to get back to the business of life and honestly, I’m not ready for it.

After talking to a friend earlier today about being quarantined, we both agreed there are some things we will actually miss.  Here are some things I will definitely miss:

  • An excuse to NOT be busy.  Since when did we need an excuse to say “No”?!  Really… why do I feel that I need an excuse to spend time with my own children and not rush them here or there or to visit people when I barely get to spend time with them unless it’s taking them to an activity?  That’s not good, guys… I’ll take this as long as I can get it!
  • Baking.  I know, I know… I like to cook, not bake.  BUT, being stuck at home has made me feel like I should at least attempt to improve my baking skills.  Stop the snickering… I said attempt! Haha!
  • Working from home.  It’s insane how much more work I can get done at home.  I do miss my beautifully decorated office at work, though, so there’s that.
  • Letting chores go to spend time with my kids.  Again, why in the world do I need an excuse to do this?  The house is dirtier than it’s been in so long and I’m home all day every day.  It’s a new physics theory I’ve developed: the greater the quantity of time at home, the dirtier the home.  It’s science.
  • Always having gas.  Gas is cheaper than when I started driving (and no, I’m not telling you when that was…) and because there’s nowhere to go I don’t even remember the last time I filled up.
  • Having to be creative with the dinner menu.  The urge to grab takeout has declined and I’ve realized that it’s easier just to make dinner.  Who would’ve guessed?  The interesting part about that is when I’m out of something I can’t find or don’t want to go to the store to get I have to get creative.
  • Teaching my kids at home.  Our oldest son has thrived learning at home.  He was blessed with an amazing kindergarten teacher.  It is her first year teaching and the kids adore her.  She is ROCKING distance learning through all of this, so I give her mad props.  I love getting everything ready for him to work on every day and seeing him problem solve on his own.  He thrives in creative situations and this is about as creative as it gets.
  • A flexible work schedule.  I have about as flexible of a schedule as you can get.  I am so grateful for my job it’s not even funny, but somehow I’ve managed to be even more flexible and productive during this.
  • Realizing who your real friends are.  I mean your REAL friends.  If people want to stay in touch with you, this situation will have no effect on real friendships.  If anything this entire situation has left me feeling great about purging “acquaintances” on social media.  Ain’t nobody got time for that kind of nonsense in life.
  • Gardening.  I haven’t planted a garden the past several years because… baby.  I don’t know if you’ve heard, but babies keep you busy, guys.  It’s not exactly easier now that our youngest is a toddler, but we’re at home, so there’s no excuse!

Keep enjoying precious time with your family.  This quarantine has been exhausting and a little scary at times, but sweet nonetheless.  Maybe we need to reflect on what God is teaching us in moments like these, not what we feel we’re missing out on.


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