My Lipgloss Be Poppin’… and Sheet Masks are Back

My Lipgloss Be Poppin’… and Sheet Masks are Back

If you know what this is referring to you’re my sister from another mister… or brother from another mother.  I won’t pass judgement just because you know great song lyrics!  But seriously, guys… I have a favorite lipgloss.  I tried matte lipsticks, I really did.  I even made an entire post about lip exfoliators because I tried to love them.  I mean, I did end up finding an awesome lip exfoliator, so I guess there’s that.  Lipgloss is where it’s at for me.

Anyways… back to the original point of this-my favorite lipgloss was discontinued quite a while ago.  I have randomly tried others, but nothing can replace my tried and true Bare Minerals lipgloss.  However, I have found a close second.  Milani came through FTW!


Milani Ludicrous lipgloss meets all of my requirements fairly well: they offer a great shade range, it’s not sticky, it’s not runny, and the color lasts a fairly long time for a lipgloss.  The shade range they offer also includes some very fine shimmer or a completely matte gloss (yeah… I know that’s an oxymoron… just roll with it, k?).

The shades that were available at my Target weren’t a perfect match to my beloved Bare Minerals, but they had what I was looking for: a somewhat pink/peach shade that with no glitter or shimmer.  I found exactly that in the top shade (Teen Spirit) and I grabbed a darker shade with a little shimmer (Semi Charmed).  I actually ended up loving the darker shade just as much as my Bare Minerals replacement-score!


I’ve tried Milani lipgloss in the past and HATED it, so I was skeptical.  I tried Milani Keep It Full Lip Plumper in Nude Shimmer.  I love a good lip plumber, but this ain’t it.  The applicator is huge and puts way too much product on your lips at once.  Once it’s applied it slips and slides all over the place and applies very unevenly.  It has no staying power and the plump?  Nowhere to be found.

If you want a great lip plumper, try Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump.  This plumper has that tingly, minty plumping effect and really works.  The product applies evenly and stays put well for a lip gloss.


Now, about that mask.  I never cared much for sheet masks until I realized how great they are when you have very little time.  They’re also amazing if you’d like to lock in moisture to help plump skin after exfoliation like microdermabrasion.  I found Deweytree collagen sheet masks at Nordstrom Rack and thought, “why not?”.  Best. Decision. Ever.  They were amazing and I used them after every microdermabrasion session every week to help boost moisture and elasticity (read about at home microdermabrasion here-you will LOVE it!).

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Fast forward a bit after my stash of sheet masks ran out – they are nowhere to be found.  Lovely… another product I love discontinued.  The replacement search begins.  Naturally I searched Amazon.  I found some super cheap sheet masks that were ok, but not great.  They had a really strong fragrance scent that I just couldn’t get over.

After Google searching for collagen sheet masks I finally came across some TonyMoly sheet masks.  I love TonyMoly, so I thought I’d give them a try.  SO glad I did!  They’re amazing and might even be better than my beloved Deweytree masks (*gasp*).  They don’t have an extremely strong fragrance and they seem to absorb better and lock in moisture longer.

Photo Credit: Ulta

The best part is I can actually find them from Ulta and Amazon fairly easily.  These might be my new favorite masks.  Check them out-you won’t be disappointed!


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