COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 28

COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 28

Happy GOOD Friday, guys!  It sure doesn’t feel like spring, it was a super busy, crazy, not-many-things-went-right kind of day, but kiddos sure brighten your day anyways when you get to hang out with them.  I overheard our oldest telling my husband that “in three days Jesus came back!”.  I couldn’t be prouder of that little man!  He was so excited to color Easter Eggs all day, but was so patient.  He even cleaned his entire room by himself without me even asking.  He said “You know, my room’s kind of a mess.  I’m going to go clean it up now.”  Parent jackpot?  I think so…


Here’s an odd question… we’re at home for Easter.  No church service.  No giant family gatherings.  Our kids’ haircuts are compliments of dad, so they’re crazy at this point.  Are sweatpants acceptable this year?  Not asking for a friend…


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