$75 Ninja Air Fryer Max XL Deal!

$75 Ninja Air Fryer Max XL Deal!

I’ve waited this long to jump on the air fryer bandwagon and I’m just hoping I’m not disappointed! Kohl’s currently has a sale on Ninja Air Fryers, 15-30% off when you use your Kohl’s card (15% without a Kohl’s card), 5% back in Kohl’s rewards, $10 Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent, 1% cash back with RetailMeNot, and 3% cash back with Swagbucks.

Since I love making large quantities and having leftovers or feeding a crowd, I opted for the Ninja Air Fryer Max XL with 5 different settings. It had great reviews, holds a large quantity in its basket, is dishwasher safe, and one of the settings is a dehydrator (yes, I’ve always wanted a dehydrator, so I’m pumped!).

Here’s a breakdown of the cost after all of these discounts and rewards:

  • Sale Price: $149.99, Sale Price: $179.99
  • 30% Kohl’s Discount with Card: $104.99
  • Kohl’s Cash Earned: $20
  • 5% Kohl’s Rewards Earned: $5.25
  • 1% RetailMeNot Cash Back: $1.05
  • 3% Swagbucks Cash Back: $3.15
  • Total Savings: $104.45 (a savings of 58%!!!)
  • Total Purchase Price after Savings and Cash Back: $75.54

Let me know what your favorite air fryer recipes are and maybe they’ll make a feature here in the future!


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