Seagrass Basket Planters and Storage

Seagrass Basket Planters and Storage

I’ve always loved seagrass baskets, but always thought they were so expensive. I decided to look around the interwebs one last time to see what deals I could find. I came across these seagrass baskets from Potey on Amazon for $30. What a deal, right?!

I was shocked by the quality of these baskets for the price. The one pictured in my house is the smallest size this set comes with (see the tiny 10 lb chiweenie for size reference below). This particular set also comes with several different color combinations, including all natural, natural and white (pictured here), and black and natural. Check them out and check out all of Potey’s planter options while you’re at it!

I’ll be sure to follow up with other places I’ll be using these baskets in our home for storage and of course, other plants because, let’s be honest… there are many more plants that need baskets around here!


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